Judge Susan Kennedy

Judge Susan Kennedy




  • Recommended by the Chicago Council of Lawyers
  • Recommended by the Women's Bar Association of IL
  • Illinois Federation of Teachers
  • Illinois AFL-CIO
  • Chicago Federation of Labor
  • Chicago Fraternal Order of Police
  • Chicago Fire Fighters Union

Candidate Statement

Hello and thank you. Your visit to my website provides me the opportunity to explain why I want your vote. Serving as a full circuit court judge has been a privilege. Serving as one of those who review the appeals would also be a privilege. I will continue to apply those qualities I employ every day on the bench and more frequently employ my skill of writing and legal analysis. I am the most qualified candidate in my Appellate Court race, and I hope you will support me by voting for me on
MARCH 18th or in early voting that begins MARCH 3rd. [click here to learn why and more about me]


We are pleased to announce that Judge Susan Kennedy Sullivan has recieved an endorsement from the Illinois Federation of Teachers, in addition to being found qualified by the Chicago Council of Lawyers and the Women's Bar Association of Illinois. [click here to view more news.]

Voting Dates of Importance

  • 2/6 First day to apply for absentee ballot
  • 2/18 Last Day to Register to Vote
  • 3/3-15 Early Voting
  • 3/18 General Primary Election


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